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Student Services

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On-Campus Housing

Limited on-campus housing is available on both the Lincoln Park and Loop Campuses

Off-Campus Housing

Off-campus options include homestay, apartments or private dormatories

Health Insurance

ELA students with an F1 visa are required to carry health insurance coverage. They are automatically enrolled in DePaul’s student health plan through ISO Student Health Insurance.

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Health Services

In addition to the required health insurance, students can purchase basic health services from AMITA Sage Medical Group for $60 per quarter. The clinic provides only minor services.

Counseling Services

Trained counselors are available to help student adapt to the many challenges that come with studying abroad.

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Libraries and Computer Labs

ELA students receive DePaul University student ID cards which give students access to all university facilities, such as libraries, computer labs, and public access printers.

Student Discounts

The DePaul University Demon Discounts program offers discounted pricing on a variety of services around the city, including dining, entertainment, retail stores and more.

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